What Maskonur is?

“Maskonur” is an invention developed by a team of enthusiasts from the Medical University of Lodz in cooperation with the manufacturer and distributor of waste baskets company ALDA Poland Sp. z o.o.

It is a steel, well-made, colorful waste garbage can, with shape and graphics reminiscent of the friendly puffin bird.

The Maskonur is conspicuous, and with it instructions on how to deal with used masks.
The opening for the masks is closed, so we limit the problem of the masks being carried by the wind.
Specially designed beak breaks the rubber bands of the masks that the animals get entangled in.

The Maskonur is so characteristic that it is impossible to pass by it indifferently. Leaving e.g. a public place – you take off the mask and what do you see? A colourful Maskonur with instructions on how to handle the mask.

Puffins are beautiful, colorful birds of small size that are disarming with their eyes and slight clumsiness when they walk. They are also similar to humans – they nest in pairs throughout their lives, feed their chicks as a pair, and have distinct social bonds within the colony.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment (PPE) is being used en masse, resulting in a new wave of litter caused by the use of protective masks. These products, which are supposed to keep us safe, are actually harming the animals around us.

Experts alert:
“Animals become weakened because of entanglement, or starve because of the plastic in their stomachs,” said Liselotte Rambonnet of Leiden University in the Netherlands, one of the authors of the report “The effects of COVID-19 litter on animal life”.

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Maskonur Team


Jarosław Kowalewski


Agnieszka Rzeźnik


Marcin Ciszewski


Paweł Rasmus


Mateusz Dworak


Anna Garus-Pakowska

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